Holistic Facials

Holistic Facials or Facial Gua Sha is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) massage therapy using small hand held tools on the face to promote blood circulation move and remove toxins, heat, blood and lymph. Gua Sha has been developed to balance, restore and rejuvenate the skin condition without leaving any redness. It is a massage that is gentle but therapeutic, scientific, effective and safe, as it has no side effects.

The following effects can be seen after a facial Gua Sha treatment:

  • Reduced dark circles/eye bags/puffiness
  • Reduced fine lines/wrinkles
  • Improved uneven tone
  • Smoother and radiant skin
  • Lifted and firmer skin
  • Reduced double chin/refined face shape

Gua Sha hydrates, tones and boosts the skin’s supply of nutrients and oxygen, thus decreasing the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes. The use of the specialised massage techniques with Gua Sha tools very quickly increases the flow of blood and energy through the skin in that area, improving skin’s appearance. As blood is circulated, collagen production is promoted, lines and wrinkles reduce and we have better muscle tone and elasticity, a healthier, revitalised youthful appearance. The face also has a high number of Acupuncture points. Each point is of benefit to the face as well as our overall health. Using simple but effective Gua Sha techniques and tools are also able to utilise these Acupuncture points through the treatment via Acupressure for extra facial enhancement. The overall result gives you a more youthful appearance.

Gua Sha is far less costly than cosmetic surgery and it is safe. Gua Sha is a holistic alternative to plastic surgery, botox injections, collagen injections and laser/chemical peels.

What is a course of treatment?

I recommend a course of 6 weekly consecutive sessions followed by top ups every couple of months. Maintenance treatments can prolong the result by 5-10 years. Face massage techniques will be prescribed during the course of treatment, they are an essential contribution of the overall result.

Are there any contradications?

Facial Gua Sha is much gentler than traditional body Gua Sha but is still contradicated for acute and chronic infectious diseases on the skin, skin ulcers, open wounds and scars under 3 months old.

What about side effects?

There are no negative side effects

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